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What is CanString Analyzer?

A time comsuming challenge that businesses tend to deal with is finding how to measure conversations, threads, and contracts. It’s a bigger challenge when factoring in consumers, vendors, suppliers, and products as well. Canstring Analyzer is a custom built software that solves that challenge by providing insights and values, with the power of AI, based on your various needs and criterias.

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Gain Key Insights And Knowledge From Any Source Of Conversation


With Canstring Analyzer, you have the ability to convert audio files into transcriptions with the power of Voice-To-Text.


Canstring Analyzer provides Text-To-Text conversion for documents, emails, and social media feeds. With multi-language support. Translate audio call transcript and text document, supported multiple language translation.

Analytics That Show Sentiment And Emotions

With the power of AI, in conjunction with configurations based on your business needs, Canstring Analyzer has the ability to extract nuances of conversations made, as well as delivering overall sentiment and emotions within them.

Customizable Configurations Dashboards And Reports

Canstring Analyzer provides customizable, pre-configured dashboards and easy-to-view reports to provide quality analytics based on your business criterias and needs. Our AI-powered analyzer can be setup to any amount of unique configurations for various sectors of your business. With this feature, you have the ability to configure analysis reports suited for departmental, product, or vendor variance’s.

Self Service Configuration

Setup any number of unique analysis configurations for departmental, customer, product or vendor variances.

Information Extract

Based on your specific keywords/phrases configuration, information will be extracted from conversational text, dialogue, questions and answers


Configure any resource such as call center recording for automated upload and analysis


Configure and receive custom notifications when thresholds are exceeded to bring realtime decision making into customer interactions.

Use cases

Call Center

Social Media


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